Visiting Researchers

Peter Morris

Peter Morris

University of Glasgow (2015-2016)


Peter Banzer

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (2014-2015)

Publication with the group
Strong, spectrally-tunable chirality in diffractive metasurfaces, Scientific Reports(2015).
Observation of optical polarization Möbius strips,  Science (2015).


ZhangXinding Zhang

Laboratory of Quantum Engineering and Quantum Materials of Guangdong Province (2014-2015)



Filippo Cardano

University of Naples “Federico II” (2013-2014)

Publication with the group
Photonic quantum walk in a single beam with twisted light,  [arXiv:1403.4857].



Manuel Ernhard

University of Vienna (2013)

Publication with the group
Real-time imaging of spin-to-orbital angular momentum quantum state teleportation, SPIE Newroom (2015)



Daniel Giovannini

University of Glasgow (2013)

Publication with the group
Exploring the quantum nature of the radial degree of freedom of a photon via Hong-Ou-Mandel interference, Physical Review A,  89, 013829 (2014). [PDF]



Melanie McLaren

CSIR-South Africa (2012)

Publication with the group
Entangled Bessel-Gaussian Beams, Optics Express 20, 23589 (2012). [PDF]