Xinru Cheng is an experimental physicist interested in quantum optics and photonics. In 2014, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colgate University, with High Honours in Physics. Her Honours Thesis, entitled “Generation and Measurement of Non-Separable Single-Photon States”, was nominated for the LeRoy Apker National Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis, sponsored by the American Physical Society. She was a summer research undergraduate student at Dr. Boyd’s Quantum Photonics Group in 2012. She returned to the group in 2014 as a M.Sc. Student. Her past research focused on single photons entangled in non-separable states of both polarization and spatial modes. She is interested in studying quantum physics with both integrated optics and conventional optics.

She was born in Beijing, China, lived in Hannover, Germany for a year, and went to two drastically different locations in the USA for high school and university (Louisville, KY, and Hamilton, NY, respectively). Having moved to Canada in early 2011, she is continuing her scientific journey as a citizen of the world.


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